Specialist HR Solutions for insurance firms



“What is IHRS?” we hear you ask!

Insurance HR Solutions is the HR arm of the UKGI group with a specialist offering of HR services specifically tailored to the needs of  insurance businesses who do not have their own internal HR function.

This week, we caught up with IHRS’ Head of Consultancy – Katherine Watkins and asked her to tell us a little more about herself and the unique offerings IHRS has for the insurance industry.


Hi Katherine, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

KW: Hello Searchlight, no problem at all. I am the Head of HR Consultancy at Insurance HR Solutions (“IHRS”). I joined the business in January 2021 after a successful International HR  career as a HR Director and M & A Partner.

I am delighted to be leading the HR Consultancy offering for Brokers and Insurers across the UK. The past year has had a profound impact on so many people and I have seen first-hand, how challenging it has been for businesses and their workforces. There has never been a greater opportunity and time for HR to show case what ‘good HR’ looks and feels like.

Sounds like there are many challenges ahead in the world of HR What can we expect from IHRS this upcoming year?

KW: You’re not wrong. HR is constantly evolving, and it can be scary and confusing for some. My team and I relish in having a positive impact for businesses. Our aim is to take the heavy lifting out of HR for leaders, so they can concentrate on building the sustainable growth of their businesses.

What makes IHRS different to other HR services out there?

KW:  We specialise in offering HR services specifically for brokers and business leaders. How we differ from other HR consultancies, is that our clients have direct access to our team. There is no call centre approach.

So a very personalised experience offering for firms, that’s great! Can you tell us more about the services you offer?

KW: Of course, we can assist firms with anything from Regulatory HR Requirements, Mergers and Acquisition through to health and wellbeing. We can also carry out a health check on current HR practices. We will work alongside firms to ensure they have the support they need.

Thanks Katherine! Before you go, one final question: Do you offer your services on a retained basis or do you offer the option for one off project work?

KW:  Our services can be utilised both ways – we found that a flexible approach is paramount in being able to support firms during this time.

We completely agree. Thanks again for your time Katherine and we look forward to chatting with you again soon.


Are you struggling with your HR management?  Book in an informal chat with Katherine and her team today.

Tel: 07566 766954     Email: kwatkins@ihrsolutions.co.uk

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